Man Pays For Strangers’ Groceries In Touching Act Of Kindness

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Mike and Rob, two guys who’ve been friends since high school — Mike a minister and Rob a pastor — decided to take $400 dollars and do with it something incredible. The heroic duo headed to an Ohio grocery store to surprise 15 customers by paying for their groceries at the checkout counter.

The video has quickly gone viral because of the touching reactions displayed by the unsuspecting customers. Now, Mike and Rob have received messages from strangers all around the world, inspired by the act of kindness. After all, we really don’t know what other people are going through, and it seems many of these customers were in need of a little help that day. The pastor and minister hope their act of kindness will encourage other people to do the same. “Our goal is that people see this video and go out and be nice to people. Let someone over in traffic or smile at someone. Christian or not, it doesn’t matter. Just do good.”

One female customer says she’d been struggling through a rough time in her life, and had asked God just that day to send her a sign. And you know what? I think she got it.

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